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Safety Consulting

At ESS, we pride ourselves in the ability to adapt and grow.

Safety Consulting

The world of safety is ever-changing in our country, regardless of which industry your company finds itself in at ESS, we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt and grow with and beyond the regulations established by government-established entities. Our consultants function in much of the same capacity as an EHS Manager or a Senior Safety Admin would, in which they specialize in facilitating the creation, implementation, and routine revision of individualized EHS programs and management plans for your company. They can act as field support for your current operations, support your operations through the creation of policies and procedures, and implement management programs for Short Service Employee (SSE) processing or 2nd and 3rd party contractors, while interfacing with current regulation databases. We at ESS can easily provide your company with safety and environmental regulation assistance with our complete range of EPA, OSHA, and DOT-compliant programs, training, and policy development plans. From in office training to boot on ground field safety support, ESS consultants are always available to answer the biggest problems for your companies safety needs.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Our staff does not have to wait two hours for drug testing - usually ten minutes or less. And when we need them to drug test on site - they are here ahead of time to set up.

Liz Epstein

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