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Gas Detection

With gas detection, we don’t limit ourselves to one way of thinking.

Gas Detection

At Environmental Safety Solutions Oil Field Support our gas detection and defense team, monitors, and services multiple industries in many different applications. From oil & gas, agriculture, waste management, to water & processing plants. With gas detection we do not limit ourselves to one way of thinking. We have a wide variety of monitoring techniques such as TRU wireless gas detection systems, fixed gas detection systems, standalone area monitoring, & portable gas detection monitoring systems. Our team is fully trained and capable of calibrating, serving & repairing all types of gas detection systems and personal monitors. We do not only detect poison gasses, but we assist our customers in the defense and dissipation of them to ensure a safe work site. As a company we are fully outfitted for all areas of gas detection and defense. With safety and customer service in mind we are constantly striving for and developing new and more efficient ways to protect the industries and customers we service.

  • Now we offer 6 Watt UHF/VHF, 9000MHz, and 2.4GHz Meshing.
  • Flexible sensor placement -a line of sight not required
  • Communicates with stationary and portable RTU’s
  • Offers additional analog inputs and discrete.
  • Built-in battery – works with 12/24 VDC, 115/230 VAC, or Solar
  • Scaleable system – expands for future applications
  • Compatible with DCS systems using standard Modbus-RTU Protocol
  • Integrates easily with SAFER Systems Software

What Our Clients Have to Say

Our staff does not have to wait two hours for drug testing - usually ten minutes or less. And when we need them to drug test on site - they are here ahead of time to set up.

Liz Epstein

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