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Drug testing

We are here for you every hour of every day.

Drug Testing Services

Environmental Safety Solutions, is dedicated to providing comprehensive design, implementation and administration of your anti-drug and alcohol program under state and federal regulations, company policy and/or consortium guidelines. Our staff of professionals will be your partners in supporting and managing your drug and alcohol program, and keeping you updated on current and pending state and federal legislation. We are here for you every hour of every day.

  • Collection Site Management
  • Expert Laboratory Analysis
  • Random Pool Management
  • Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Random Drug Screening
  • Post-Accident Drug Testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing
  • Return-To-Duty and Follow-Up Screening
  • On-Site Drug Screening
  • Dot
  • Non-Dot
  • LACC = Los Angeles Clean Card
  • RSO = Refinery Safety Overview

Reliable & Convenient Drug Testing

  • 24/7 365 call-outs availability.
  • We can travel onsite to any location where needed even for post-accident with rapid response.
  • Fast and easy no waiting for hrs in drug test medical office quick in and out (cut downtime on paying employee)
  • We can perform any oilfield or Jobsite training after drug test if needed to get employees ready for work.
  • Can perform all drug tests:
    1. DOT urine and breath
    2. NON-DOT urine and breath
    3. Rapids for today results
  • Reasons for drug testing:
    1. Pre-employment
    2. Post-accident
    3. Reasonable cause/suspicion
    4. Return to duty
    5. Random
  • Billing is performed fast and in detail for no misinterpretation.
  • No hidden fees
  • ESS develops a drug testing program for new customers for a drug-free workplace
  • We can perform random tests following DOT policies as well-tailored to customer needs
  • Professional, well trained, and professional drug test collectors
  • Proven record and Reputation of good customer service
  • We use Alere facility lab for clinical lab urine tests
  • We use a number of science-based randomware program to keep logs of employees and Randoms perform and quick access to all test performed for easy record access

What Our Clients Have to Say

Our staff does not have to wait two hours for drug testing - usually ten minutes or less. And when we need them to drug test on site - they are here ahead of time to set up.

Liz Epstein

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