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Testing COVID-19 Cases

We are here for you every hour of every day.

COVID-19 Response Services

Due to the highly contagious nature and global health crisis, SARS-CoV-2 has been designated as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and continues to have devastating impacts on healthcare systems and the world economy including the U.S. To effectively end the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, systematic screening and detection of both clinical and asymptomatic COVID-19 cases are critical. As an intended point-of-care (POC) designated test with a 10 minute processing time, our COVID-19 Antigen Test allows effective screening of COVID-19 infection on a large scale.

COVID-19 Antigen Testing Services

We offer reliable, professional On-Site COVID testing, Pre-Entry COVID Screeners, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Thermographic imaging, and Covid Compliance Officers that are available 24/7. Our team works\ to stay current with CDC, state, and local regulations in an effort to keep your projects and work locations COVID-free.

Testing location Site Set-Up:
  • ESS COVID-19 tester employee will arrive with all necessary PPE and equipment to provide a safe test for the tester and person being tested following CDC guidelines.
  • Tester will erect a canopy with 2 sidewall shields to provide privacy while performing the test, will have a table with chairs, a tote box with all necessary equipment, and a biohazard storage bin.
  • After constructing the testing site, the tester will don all necessary PPE.
Testing location Completion and Break Down:
  •  ESS ensures that all results will be submitted for each rapid antigen test performed for Covid-19 to the Division of Public Health within 24 hours.
  • Location will be decontaminated as to CDC guidelines after testing is complete.
  • All materials will be properly disposed of in bio-hazard containment receptacles

Testing Pricing

Covid-19 Outbreak Response

ESS will respond 24/7 to perform onsite testing. All supplies (testing containment cube & PPE) are included. If the employer exceeds the minimum testing requirements there will be no charge for the technician.

COVID -19 Rapid Antigen Test (minimum 10)
COVID-19 Testing Technician (4 hour minimum)
$45.00 / hr.

Onsite Screening Services

ESS will be available 24/7 to provide screening services to protect your workforce.

COVID- 19 Prescreen Technician (temp scanning, questionnaire, & smell test)
$45.00 / hr.
Thermal Temperature Scanning Device monthly
COVID-19 Antigen Test for qualifying employees

Onsite Screening Services

ESS will be available 24/7 to provide screening services to protect your workforce.

COVID Compliance Audit by C19CO
$65.00 / hr.

Temperature Screening Thermographic Cart