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Environmental Safety Solutions supports both large and small scale businesses and companies to ensure they comply with local, regional and international environmental health and safety standards.

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Rentals & Equipment

Our rental fleet is maintained at the highest level of care and service. Our service technicians are on call 24hrs a day 7 days a week and are fully prepared to handle any need that may arise.

Air Trailers

Hazardous atmospheres are an unfortunate workplace obstacle. Mobile breathing air trailers are a significant part of any maintenance or emergency operation. Our Air Trailers provide CGA Grade “D” breathing and have all KEY features industry professional’s demand. Our trailers come equipped with six cylinders and six quick-connection points for any situation. ESS Oilfield Support offers solutions to any atmospheric condition that might be present.

Cooling Trailers

Our Cooling trailer systems utilize a 36” high powered cooling fan, a water tank, a pop-up shade tent, an ice chest and a generator on a single trailer. Our cooling station design allows you to place it anywhere (no water or power supply needed) and still provide workers in the field relief from the heat.

Eye Wash Trailers

Our self-contained portable eyewash/shower trailers are the intrinsically safe/explosion proof solution for all types hazardous locations without the need for a plumbed water supply. Built from the ground up by ESS, these trailers comply with all ANSI standards, for drenching the eyes and body to remove all contaminates.