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Confined space rescue operations are frequently defined in terms of the type and configuration of the space they are to be performed in. The more complex a space is the more difficult and technical the rescue becomes. Environmental Safety Solutions Confined Space Rescue provides expert services for all your confined space needs. Our rescue personnel are well trained to analyze your confined space and provide you with the best support in safety as well as rescue services. ESS rescue crews are fully equipped and trained to perform the most complicated of rescues. Using rope based mechanical advantage systems, we are not only capable of extracting the patient but also providing the proper BLS care to stabilize the patient until EMS arrives.

Non-Complex Rescue

Considered to be a horizontal entry with limited internal obstacles and the hazards have been properly mitigated or engineered out. Even though a low angle rescue may be a simple task, ESS treats every confined space the same. We make sure that everyone on the site is protected from the potential hazards that may occur while working in and around the space.

Complex Rescue

Considered to be a space that has significant internal hazards and vertical or elevated entry. Rescuers are totally dependent upon the ropes used to keep them and the victims from falling as well as gaining access to and egress from the rescue location. Examples of high angle locations include: pipe racks, ledges, catwalks, tops of vessels, cranes, and water towers.

High angles are also found below grade level in ship holds, barges, confined spaces, tunnels, sewer and piping systems. Good, competent technical rescue skills involving ropes, anchoring and belaying systems, lowering and hauling systems and litter/stretcher work are going to be mandatory for the safe performance of the rescue team.

Confined Space Rescue

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