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When Safety Matters!

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Our Mission

The safety of your employees holds the utmost importance. Let Environmental Safety Solutions Confined Space Rescue Services keep it that way with trained emergency medical technicians (EMT’s), top-notch rescue equipment, and decades of knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry.

ESS is staffed with nationally-registered Emergency Medical Technician Fire Fighter 1’s and managed by a registered paramedic who has dedicated his career to working in both municipal and industrial settings. ESS always looks to eliminate the risk of an emergency through extensive planning of worksite hazards.

In the event an emergency occurs, ESS has a managed care plan in place to determine the best decision of care for a worker and provide for immediate medical assistance at the basic life-support level prior to the arrival of local EMS agencies. As a result, Environmental Safety Solutions is the leader in providing optimal equipment and professional medical oversight for every project.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Our staff does not have to wait two hours for drug testing - usually ten minutes or less. And when we need them to drug test on site - they are here ahead of time to set up.

Liz Epstein

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